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Parenting & Family Life

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Parenting & Family Challenges

For many, family life can be overwhelming. Parents are juggling high costs, high expectations and pressure from all sides. 


And those who come from dysfunctional families themselves, who have children with different needs or who are juggling blended families the stress can be relentless. 


I  can help you identify family values, navigate rocky terrain and create a path towards building the family life you want.


Counselling can help you:


  • Get a clear picture of the family you want

  • Gain clear insight into your strengths and values

  • Heal from your own dysfunctional family

  • Create positive, healthy boundaries

  • Develop a nurturing and positive home life for you and your family members

  • Navigate the big changes that come with a new baby, developmental milestones, and the 'empty nest'

Boy shouts covered his ears with his hands. Stressed child. Domestic Family violence and a

Neurodiverse Families

Mental health challenges, autism, ADHD or learning disabilities can have a huge impact on the family dynamic. 


Resilient families succeed not because their families are 'perfect' but because they develop skills and attitudes, over time, that foster connection.


Counselling can help:


  • Foster a positive sense of self

  • Develop tools for self-advocacy

  • Develop plans for navigating school and work environments

  • Helping parents balance self-care with support and advocacy

  • Skill development in areas such as emotional regulation


It can help to feel like you’ve got someone in your corner when navigating all of the unique challenges that come with raising a neurodiverse child. I draw from my lived experience in offering you this support, and my reassurance that this path less travelled can be beautifully rewarding.

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