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Women's Mental Health

Women face unique mental health challenges throughout their lives.


Did you know there are over 100 PMS symptoms?! Hormonal changes related to the menstrual cycle can cause or worsen symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression along with physical symptoms.  These struggles can begin with the start of a girl’s first period.

Early menstruation, a history of trauma, significant family dysfunction and other mental health issues can increase symptom severity and, over time, can impact self-esteem, identity and participation in school and work.  


Likewise, women's child-bearing years can be a roller-coaster of emotions as women navigate fertility issues, pregnancy, post-partum and parenting.


The good news? Counselling can provide holistic support to help you manage your symptoms and enhance your well-being.


I create a supportive environment for you to:

  • gain a better understanding of individual symptoms and challenges

  • manage difficult emotions such as anger and depression

  • develop a holistic plan for self-care

  • identify healthy relationships

  • identify a network of support

  • improve sleep patterns

  • heal from past trauma and dysfunction


As a woman, understanding how your unique health issues impact your daily life, and your relationships can be empowering. It can also be enlightening for those who have women in their lives who are experiencing these issues to have better insight and self-compassion.

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