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Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Stress, anxiety and depression- whether they show up as a trio, or one takes centre stage-  can rob you of sleep, damage your relationships and make it hard to function at work, school or with your family.  


Unchecked, they can increase the risk of illness, make you less able to cope and rob your days of enjoyment.


​Though stress, anxiety and depression are common they are different for each person. I take a personal and holistic approach to understand the challenges you face and help you design a more positive future. 


I can work with you to:


  • Understand the root causes of your stress, anxiety, or depression

  • Evaluate lifestyle factors and how they may be worsening symptoms- or can be used positively to support your growth

  • Work through past traumas or dysfunctional family patterns

  • Reconsider your core values and your innate strengths

  • Explore new tools such as mindfulness, self-compassion and exercise


With support, stress, anxiety and depression can be managed and you can take back the joy to be found in your life.

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